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The hat is made in Thailand.


The message is not perverted!

10-11-2000 It's not "Bacon, lettuce, and mayo."
10-16-2000 It's not "Band loves me."
10-16-2000 The hat is made by Otto Cap.
11-16-2000 It's not "Bureau of Land Management."
03-19-2001 It's not: BLM Group, BLM Auto, BLM International, Bayerische Landezentrale fur neue Medien, BLM Productions, or BLM Studios
09-02-2001 BLM: think, think, think. The answer will be coming to this page within 20 years.
10-20-2002 You thought I forgot about BLM... Well I didn't!

More clues to follow soon…