The MIT Prank

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Here is the story: This message was on our answering machine. The voice sounded exactly like Dean. Other things lead me to believe that it was a prank. Why would they call at 9:44pm on a Saturday? What about the area code? What is a "Board of Administrations?" The person seemed unsure of the extension. Here is the transcript:
[unknown noises] Hello, UM, this is John Morris from the Board of Administrations at MIT. I'm calling for a Mr. Scott Stransky [pronounced Steransky]. UM, if you would please give me a call back, my number is: [pause] 1-914-366-7847 [a New York number, not a Massachusetts one]. [begins new thought] UM, this is [thinks again] extension 234. This is regarding his application. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.