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The Miracle of the Sacagawea

Let me tell you a little story. A few friends and I were spinning coins. We began to notice a trend with one of my new Sacagawea "golden" dollars. It consistently spun tails, or bird side up, no matter who spun it. Being the scientifically minded students we are, we set up an experiment. The following table illustrates our profound results:

Coin Heads Tails Pecent Tails Trials
Miracle Sacagawea 15 95 86% 110
Ordinary Sacagawea 16 10 38% 26
Ordinary Coin (Kennedy Half-Dollar) 8 6 43% 14

In addition, this coin achieved many tails in a row, as the following chart shows. Keep in mind that the odds of being dealt a royal flush in poker are 649,739:1, almost 26 times more likely than this coin outcome.

In a row Odds against
24 16,777,216:1
22 4,194,304:1
15 32,768:1
15 32,768:1

You can read about this coin at the US Mint Web Page.
Here is the coin in all its glory: